Moonbow Row

Creative Direction, Brand Strategy using Astrology: Tatjana Petkovic

I designed the brand for the natural, vegan skincare brand Moonbow Row. The chosen concept emulated the Founder Vanessa's vision of wanting a brand that was dreamy, elemental, whimsical, free-spirited and universal. The symbol represents both a star and flower, while the crescent moon can also be seen as a rainbow. 

I worked alongside Vanessa's to find a specific launch time for her business, based on her company's values. This was done through creating and viewing multiple birth charts for her business. This allowed us to see potential blind spots of her business, it's strengths, life path, and how it would be viewed to the world. 

"Where do I begin? Working with Tati has changed my life! Initially we began collaborating when I needed her to design the logo and basically everything for my company, which she captured flawlessly! She took my vision and turned it concrete. I continue working with her on future designs and am simultaneously working with her through her astrology readings which I love! She is beyond knowledgeable and picks up on things even I miss at times and I’ve been a practicing student of astrology for a few years. During the last year and a half, we’ve become great friends. She is an utter pleasure to work and create with. I cannot recommend her enough!"

— Vanessa, Founder of Moonbow Row