Moonbow Row

Creative Direction, Brand Strategy using Astrology: Tatjana Petkovic

I designed the brand for the natural, vegan skincare brand Moonbow Row. The chosen concept emulated the Founder Vanessa's vision of wanting a brand that seems dreamy, elemental, whimsical, free-spirited and universal. The symbol represents both a star and flower, while the crescent moon can also be seen as a rainbow. 

I worked alongside Vanessa's to create multiple birth charts for her business' launch. 

"Where do I begin? Working with Tati has changed my life! Initially we began collaborating when I needed her to design the logo and basically everything for my company, which she captured flawlessly! She took my vision and turned it concrete. I continue working with her on future designs and am simultaneously working with her through her astrology readings which I love! She is beyond knowledgeable and picks up on things even I miss at times and I’ve been a practicing student of astrology for a few years. During the last year and a half, we’ve become great friends. She is an utter pleasure to work and create with. I cannot recommend her enough!"

— Vanessa, Founder of Moonbow Row