Case Study: Holistic Yoga Therapy

Niya from Holistic Yoga Therapy came to me to design her company's branding, website, social media, and grow her business using brand strategy and astrology.

The logo uses a rotated ampersand, symbolizing unity and collaboration, while also playing off a yoga pose.

We used astrology in her branding by establishing specific dates for her to launch her brand based on her company's values. Each month, we would check her transit chart to view the best times and dates for marketing her work based on her individual birth chart. Having a birth chart reading with me also allowed Niya to understand how the public viewed her, and how we could utilize this in her career and business.

Holistic Yoga Therapy's launch exceeded our expectations, having over 1000 monthly page views to her website within the first 3 months of launching.

Instagram Analytics - Accounts Reached

Instagram Analytics - Profile visits

Above: Number of Page views her website seen after 3 months of launching her website.

Using my brand & social media strategy, Niya was able to grow her business to:

+ Receive over 1000 monthly website page views within the first 5 months of working together
+ Receive over 10k views monthly on instagram within the first month of working together
+ Increased her Instagram impressions by 335% within the first month of working together
+ Reached 10k accounts through instagram monthly
+ Gain over 200 instagram followers within 6 months
+ Generated aligned leads and clients through SEO optimization

After 6 months of working with me, Niya's business foundation was established, and the transformation was:

Clarity on Pricing Strategy improved by 40%.
Attracting ideal leads improved around
Feeling confident in sales improved
Clarity on Social Media strategy improved 55%.
Clarity on Brand Messaging improved by

Above: Website Design & page examples.

"When I started looking for a coach to support me through the launch of my business I hadn't realized how much value I would receive from our relationship. 

I chose to work with Tati because of the diversity of professional and lived experience that she brings to her coaching. I initially thought I'd get some great astrological guidance and maybe glean some lessons from her experience so I could avoid those pitfalls. In our time together, I've received so much more. 

In our conversations she thoughtfully took the time to understand the values that drive my business, and used those to help me pick a birth-date for it that is aligned with all the goals I have for it. She also generously provided me with tools and resources that she has tested when I ran into sticky situations, which I really appreciated because doing the research and second guessing my decisions would have added more strain. 

My favourite part about our work together is her strengths based approach, which has helped me pause more deliberately and recognize all the small successes in this journey - a skill I am still working on - which has made it easier to get through those more challenging moments. I'm so grateful for the work we have done together, which has ensured a strong foundation for a sustainable yoga therapy practice that I know will continue to thrive. I would definitely recommend Tati as a coach. 

Her attentiveness and deep listening combined with her clear passion and supportive nature make her a significant asset to your team, and a joy to work with."

Niya Bajaj