A Constant Revise Editorial

The process book of A Constant Revise documents the year-long project that responds to the thesis question, How does time, the loss of memory and change in perception alter the identity and knowledge of a departed loved one? The book holds all of the research and visual explorations throughout the year that includes family photography manipulation, light and space studies, material studies, and video investigations. The page compositions demonstrate the thinking behind the explorations, such as the overlap of imagery and sketches, as well as the pacing of different movie stills. The book is bound using curtain fabric that hides family photographs, representing one of the explorations throughout the year, as well as the same fabric as the final installation.

Thesis, September 2013 - April 2014

Art Direction and Design by Tatjana Petkovic
Thesis Adviser: Patricio Davila
Book Binding by Taikun Kambashi