A Constant Revise

A Constant Revise encapsulates the observer into the memory of the author. By using a semi-circle curtain screen that encompasses the viewer, the memory of a past loved one is experienced through the use of material, household objects and video projection. Absence of a past loved one is expressed through repeated presence in a reinterpretation of a family’s video archive. The notion of time and environment is reshaped through the alteration of media and narrative of film, questioning what occurred, what is restructured and what is truth. The video is projected onto folded curtains that distort the video to signify the constraints of recalling memory.

The primary objective of the piece was to create an experience for the viewer by moving them inside the mindset and environment of the author. The exhibit acts as a memorial to the author's father and allows the audience to empathize with them while taking away an experience that is unique to them.

Art Direction and Design by Tatjana Petkovic
Photography by Tatjana Petkovic
Thesis Adviser: Patricio Davila
Thesis, September 2013 - April 2014
Exhibit was held at Beaver Hall Gallery, Toronto
March 27th to 29th 2014

Thank you to Patricio Davila, Melanie Hong, Teodor Herman and Kelvin Lam for assisting in Gallery Set Up.